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c. 2001/2. Has anyone got a larger version of this?


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Google put on the best tech demo ever

Rather than mimicking Apple’s “gorgeous” style of demoing products (as Facebook and Microsoft do), Google yesterday played to their geek strengths and raised the bar sky high.

Google Glass could be thought of as as a.n.other of their barking tech adventures, but by bringing to life the magic of sharing what you’re seeing┬áin this incredible, audacious way, they’ve opened a new frontier.

How long before Sportsmen and women are wearing descendents of Google Glass whilst playing their games? I can see Sky Sports gagging for this.

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Push to add drama

What a great way to launch a TV channel

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Noel Gallagher on brand engagement (kinda)

Interesting observation from the ever-readable Noel Gallagher in this month’s Word magazine.

He postulates his theory that Oasis benefitted from a time when it took tangible effort from fans to get the band experience. There was no transient, half-hearted clicking of links – people had to really invest their time and effort. That engendered loyalty and camaraderie.

Just like bands, the over-supply of distractions and ease of switching attention means it’s harder than ever for brands to get famous and stay relevant. Being distinct and trying hard to give genuine value are the best ways to go Supersonic.