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I slate the iSlate

Rumours abound about the name for the (apparently) forthcoming Apple tablet. iSlate? iReview?

The romantic in me still thinks reclaiming Newton would be the daring move.

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Taking successful brands to new platforms

Shameless plug alert

I’m quite proud of these two iPhone app projects that I’ve been part of. So far they appear to be doing pretty well. I genuinely recommend them (click for iTunes links)

Picture 1

Picture 2

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How to get people to take note

Lovely low-cost marketing for a hair loss product. From JWT in Hong Kong.


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The Guardian iPhone app – getting people to pay for content

I wrote a piece back in May saying that people would pay for content if it was made easy.

The Guardian have just launched their iPhone app – priced at £2.39. On first use it looks very slick and well thought through.

There’ll be plenty of people looking to see how this does, but to me it it feels like a far smarter option than paywalls.

Guardian iPhone app

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Shockingly good or shockingly bad?

Opinion appears divided on this campaign for an anti-landmine organisation. Rip the sachet and red spills out of the leg.

I’m not usually a fan of shock tactics for charities and causes, but I think this is such an unexpected medium, and the experience so tangible, that it compels people to take notice and discuss it.