Podcasts worth a listen – Sept 2016

I listen to a lot of podcasts so you don't have to. Each month I'll share the best episodes.

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News & politics

Tech & geek stuff

  • Andreesen Horowitz (A16Z) do the best VC podcasts. I expected this special on 'pre-commerce' or 'pre-tail' would be jargonny and shallow, but it's full of surprising insights.
  • Similarly, A16Z on microservices is a must listen. Using Netflix as an example, they explain how servers are no longer rented by the year, day or hour – but by the millisecond. It's pretty transformative in terms of getting dev done so worth knowing about.

Arts & misc

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Courage was the wrong word for Apple

Phil Schiller got a bit of criticism for using the word courage to describe why Apple got rid of the headphone port. It’s been received by some as a bit marketing and fluffy. It’s also a little bit defensive and maybe slightly Yes, Minister.

I think the deeper problem is that the word is about them and not about what we get.

I’d have suggested they focus on Apple being the company who moves things forward.

No want wants wires. They want great sound and great usability.