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How Pixar stays creative

Great interview with Ed Catmull, President of Pixar outlining some of the practical, tough ways they manage the creative process. There are some excellent insights into how to manage creative people and the importance of collaboration.

Fundamentally, successful companies are unstable… the forces of conservatism are trying to go to a safe place

There are a small number of people who are socially dysfunctional, very creative. We get rid of them.

When we say we are director-led, we mean the director has to lead


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Steve Jobs on what gives startups their greatest advantage

…and the world changes and keeps evolving. And new potential arises, but these people who are settled in don’t see it.

Steve Jobs Interview Computer World from Tim Sparke on Vimeo.

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Man Utd press office goes one up

Announcing the news of Ferguson’s retirement on Twitter was not only surprisingly modern, but by seeding the hashtag #thankyousiralex, they also took control of the news’ reception – the story being spun towards thanking Sir Alex rather than uncertainty of ‘what’s next for united’

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Plants vs. Zombies 2

I mean, what’s taking them so long?