Show off media v non show off media

An awful lot gets labelled as social media. And irrespective of the words used, It seems any new way of communicating is bundled together as all the same sort of thing by the media for convenience.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Vine, Telegram, Skype are all birds of a feather, but I think they can be best be understood and categorised by noting whether they are show off media or not.

Places where people routinely show off, professionally or personally
– Facebook
– Twitter
– Linked In
– Vine
– Instagram
– FourSquare

Places where the whole point is to keep it private
– email
– Whatsapp
– Skype
– Telegram
– Snapchat

The killer app for both groups remains your address book. That’s the truth as to who we care about – and the real long term asset. ads from 1999/2000

Digging through some old files I’ve found these four posters I commissioned for through M&C Saatchi/Immediate Sales. They’re not my favourites but they’re the only surviving ones I have. The Blair “don’t plan” ad was an opportunistic response to the news that the then Prime Minister’s wife was unexpectedly pregnant.

The best ad we ran, IMO, was “Surprise your girlfriend. Take her sister to Paris.”

The LMN brand was all about spontaneity, adventure and romance. I have to say I think they lost that sheen, though they appear to be wanting to get it back.

Screenshot 2013-11-12 18.08.00 Screenshot 2013-11-12 18.08.23 Screenshot 2013-11-12 18.08.53 Screenshot 2013-11-12 18.10.04[ EDIT - I found more ads]

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How Pixar stays creative

Great interview with Ed Catmull, President of Pixar outlining some of the practical, tough ways they manage the creative process. There are some excellent insights into how to manage creative people and the importance of collaboration.

Fundamentally, successful companies are unstable… the forces of conservatism are trying to go to a safe place

There are a small number of people who are socially dysfunctional, very creative. We get rid of them.

When we say we are director-led, we mean the director has to lead