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A replacement for Google Reader

I just set up Fever. It’s a self-hosted alternative to the doomed Google Reader that syncs via your own server. It’s pretty painless to import your existing feeds and there are great iOS apps too. So far works flawlessly and the design is great too.


You need your own server space (I use Dreamhost) and if anyone wants any help, gimme a shout.

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Ed Balls

If you were advising Ed Balls on how to handle the gloriously silly, utterly pointless and very British Ed Balls meme, what would you tell him?

If he were to tweet “Ed Balls” today, entirely deadpan, people would love him.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 10.04.47

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Ship my pants

Funny and memorable, if puerile.


Thatcher Marmite

Brilliant from the Guardian