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Steve Jobs on what gives startups their greatest advantage

…and the world changes and keeps evolving. And new potential arises, but these people who are settled in don’t see it.

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Thank you Steve


Steve Jobs’ other big presentation this week

After the hoopla of WWDC, it’s an interesting counterpoint to see Steve Jobs in a more regular business presentation – this one to the local Cupertino council about their proposed new campus.

The natural salesman in Steve shines through, and he outlines the benefits simply and passionately. Proof that any material can be made compelling.

It’s also another testament to Apple’s unhindered visions – they’re not just getting a new campus, but taking a shot at making the best office building in the world

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Everything you ever needed to know about branding in 67 seconds

Steve Jobs on Apple’s brand values

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Will Steve make us shit in our pants next Wednesday?

With rumour and excitement around Apple’s newest creation hitting fever pitch, I’m reminded of this fabulous article from 2003 which recalls Steve Jobs views on the Segway scooter prototype. It offers a rare insight into the great man’s thinking and his exacting standards around product design. His criteria are instructive and wonderful:

  1. Is it elegant
    A beautiful word, and something that sets Apple’s products apart. Even power adaptors have to be gorgeous.
  2. Is it innovative
    A much used word, but in Apple’s case it’s evidently true
  3. Is it anthropomorphic
    OMG have you ever even thought of word that when considering products? Maybe one of the reasons that pinch-to-resize, flick-to-scroll and shake-to-undo are so compelling is that they feel right. It’s human. It’s like real life.

Steve also seems to believe in launching and committing with absolute ferocity. ‘Putting it out there’ and getting a bit of impact is cautious and prudent. Your CFO will like that approach. But it’s not for Steve,

“I understand the appeal of a slow burn,” he concluded, “but personally I’m a big-bang guy.”

Finally, and this is the killer test, Apple understand the wow factor, the ability to deliver jaw dropping moments. Jobs is quite clear on this one…

You have this incredibly innovative machine but it looks very traditional.” The last word delivered like a stab… “There are design firms out there that could come up with things we’ve never thought of,” Jobs continued, “things that would make you shit in your pants.”

Here’s to next Wednesday…