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Shockingly good or shockingly bad?

Opinion appears divided on this campaign for an anti-landmine organisation. Rip the sachet and red spills out of the leg.

I’m not usually a fan of shock tactics for charities and causes, but I think this is such an unexpected medium, and the experience so tangible, that it compels people to take notice and discuss it.


2 replies on “Shockingly good or shockingly bad?”

Wow; it’s rare that I’m left without a clear opinion, but this piece of marketing leaves me split right down the middle.

On the one hand, it’s simplicity is its genius – a clear message on an everyday item. However, it also could be seen as gory. This isn’t an opinion I’d subscribe to, but in marketing one has to remain true to the target audience, and in this case, I think certain segments could find this rather crass.

Opinion divided, but I love it for the fact it’s turned an everyday item into a very simple, yet clever, marketing message. There we go – in typing this I think my opinion has changed to the ‘like it’ side!

My first response to this post was to cringe – and I’m still cringing, although I have to acknowledge that its an incredibly original piece of marketing. On the whole I’m in favour of shock tactics – communications are so saturated today that it takes such methods to grasp peoples’ attention and think about important issues. This certainly has the recall factor at any rate!

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