The 10 most-read posts of 2009…

Here are the 10 most read posts on Talkable Likeable in 2009 (I’m trying to beat the Xmas rush.)

10. Strike-through cut-through – lovely poster from the ever-reliable VW

9. Hey you, get off of my cloud – why IT departments don’t like employees moving faster than they do

8. PR as fireworks – appreciating the right sequence for news announcements

7. “Please RTFM and we welcome you to teh interwebs” – LOLs beat command-and-control marketing any day of the week

6.Connecting with your face -facebook is going to be frighteningly important in 2010

5. Clinginess is the new spam – the pitfalls of over-communicating

4. If you type “Google” into Google, you break the internet – funny every time

3. It’s marketing Jim, but not as we know it – sometimes, little executional touches go a long way

2. Will people pay for content? Wrong question – however fragmented channels become, brands are what matter

1. The story behind Maybe It’s Because I’m a Londoner – how that Capital Radio ad was inspired by Oliver Twist and Christopher Walken

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