Driven to distraction

Is there nowhere the Top Gear brand can’t go?
Full marks for lateral opportunism and carrying through their trademark irreverent wit

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It’s a good way to make some extra cash, and does have some of the usual humour, but I think it’s reached the point where any element of cool or rebellion has been totally lost.

I know Top Gear is hardly a niche product, but admitting that you like cars and behaving like a hooligan etc was still slightly rebellious in the current climate of environmental concern etc.

But it’s hard to feel slightly cool and rebellious watching Clarkson et al hammer a Pagani Zonda through Italy at high speed whilst also easting a TG easter egg…

It’s similar to seeing someone in a Ferrari jacket and hat climbing into a Ford Fiesta.

It’s also why I’m quite glad motorcycles haven’t really appeared in a TG style show on mainstream TV….:)

Thanks Dan. I stil think this is smart. They’re definitely leaving cool/niche territory and that might lose them a few early adopters, but I think they’re carrying a quirky attitude with them into the mainstream.

This is never easy to pull off and I think they’re doing exceptionally well. It would be so easy to have licensed a regular ‘Top Gear Easter Egg’ and they should be applauded for doing something a bit different.

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