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Shot to perfection

I’ve said before that it’s better to be brilliant than say you’re brilliant. Here’s a great way to showcase your coffee store by providing a beautifully shot ‘how to’ video. Much more powerful than an ad could ever be.

via boingboing

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You know what Carl, this really reminds me of the traditional Jack Daniel’s advertising – black and white vintage shots of craftsman. In today’s mass-produced, factory packaged society, consumers seek authenticity.

Like Jack Daniel’s, Intelligentsia has employed a wonderful strategy here, focusing purely on authenticity and craftsmanship. Why use aspirational gimmicks and clever advertising when the company clearly (at least that is what this video makes us believe) has a product as good as this.

I think that this marks a very real shift from ‘macro advertising’ to ‘micro advertising’. Helped along by Social Media, consumers now organise their own contact and interact with brands on their own initiative. Consumers are much more likely to connect with a passionate barista than a global corporate ‘message’. Great campaign – nice find!

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